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Is your biggest problem 5-6 days of downtime with an epoxy floor installation?

Titan Floor Surfaces Technologies Polyaspartic floor coating systems allow you to have a low-to-no maintenance floor that is 4x more durable than epoxy cement floor coating systems with 3 1/2 hour return to service after the first coat of FLEXMAR NextGen. 

Your Facility

You need a new floor without delay.

You are concerned with:

  • Downtime
  • Lost Revenue
  • Scheduling Challenges
  • Interruption of Other Trades Schedules

Why worry?

FLEXMAR NextGen is the answer.

  • Reduce downtime from 1 week to 1 day
  • Lost Revenue — Not with FLEXMAR — With our rapid return to service
  • Scheduling challenges disappear.
  • Other trades can walk on the floor within hours after final application

3 1/2 Hours*

From First Coat of FLEXMAR NextGen to Walk-on Return to Service

FLEXMAR Polyaspartic flooring is easy to install. But that's not the most important feature. The key is the time it doesn't take for installation. This time-lapse illustration shows just how quickly your facility will be back in service: 3 1/2 hours.  

For more information visit our FLEXMAR Installation Facts.

*2-coat system/500 sq ft. installation

From First Coat of FLEXMAR NextGen to Walk-on Return to Service*

2-Coat Installation
3 1/2 Hours Return to Service
3-Coat Installation
5 Hours Return to Service
4-Coat Installation
6 1/2 Hours Return to Service

*2-coat system/500 sq ft. installation



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