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Better than Stone Flooring

Explore why you should choose TITAN Floor Coating Systems, questions to ask potential contractors, and why stone flooring is worse.

Why Stone Flooring is Worse:

What About
Spilled Milk?

Pebble floors like Nature Stone are porous. If milk is spilled, a dog urinates, etc., the liquid permeates the floor.

How do you get it cleaned up?

Shop vac, pressure washer?... well, in fact, you don't. It is going to stink, and decompose, grow mold, and be a mess.

FLEXMAR offers a seamless floor that offers spill clean-up with a wet mop. The spilled milk can be cleaned up in seconds with no smells lingering for days.

Questions to Ask Potential Flooring Contractors

  • What is the material you are going to use on the floor?

    • Do you have Material Safety Data sheets?
    • Who is the manufacturer?
    • What is the chemical make-up of the floor?

  • How many hours does the process take?

    • Flooring Preparation
    • Repairs
    • Installation
    • Return-to-Service

  • How long will I have to store my belongings elsewhere?

    • Belongings and Materials
    • Motor Vehicles

  • What is the cost of the project?

  • Are there any other recoats or refinishing processes that will occur in the following time frame:

    • 1 year
    • 2 years
    • 5 years
    • 7 years

    If so, what is the charge for these services?

  • Cleaning

    What do you need to clean the floor?

    • Wet Mop
    • Shop Vac
    • Power Washer
    • Steam Cleaner
  • What happens if I spill milk, beer, oil, or another liquid on the floor?

    • Where does the liquid go?
    • How do I clean it up?

  • Durability

    • How durable is the product?
    • Scratch Resistant?
    • Resistant to chemical spills?

  • Loose material over time...

    • Pebbles become loose from wear.
    • Vinyl Flakes, nothing become loose because they are encased in the coating.

  • Does the product yellow?

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Why TITAN Floor Coating Systems are better than all types of stone flooring:

sustainable flooring

Same-day application and return to service possible.

Manufactured with Polyaspartic resin technology invented by Bayer Material Science.

0 VOC Coatings

Up to 4 times more durable than other conventional coatings.

Seamless floor that resists stains and will not harbor bacteria with a tough, hard, pore-free finish that seals the surface.

Colors will not fade or yellow with exposure due to age or exposure to sunlight or UV lighting.

Made in the USA (Pittsburgh, PA).

Virtually maintenance free! Sweep or wet mop for a like-new finish.

Contribute toward satisfying credits in the Indoor Environmental Quality and Materials and Resources categories under LEED.

Coating Systems

Clear Sealer

Our NextGen Clear polyaspartic sealer makes it simple to get the long-term protection for flooring you want to keep beautiful!

Flexmar Clear Coat System

Reverse Flake

Our reverse flake polyaspartic coating systems make it simple to get the perfect floor for your concrete, tile, VCT, or wood surface!

Flexmar Reverse Color Flake Coating System

Solid Color

Vibrant color, superior durability, minimal down-time. The choice is simple: solid color polyaspartic coating systems from Flexmar Coatings!

Flexmar Solid Color System


Our quartz polyaspartic coating systems make it simple to get the perfect floor for your concrete, tile, VCT, or wood surface!

Flexmar 4-coat system

Chip Systems

Our color chip polyaspartic coating systems make it simple to get the perfect floor for your concrete, tile, VCT, or wood surface!

Flexmar 2-coat color flake system

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